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Born in the midst of a no-travel crisis YOUNG RACERS makes local a priority. Monaco-based and with a global vision, our creative agency offers a new point of contact for local and international brands who envisage innovative projects on the French Riviera. Providing a tailored approach adapted to the current climate, we believe we can do better being smaller. Our new mindset combines strategy, PR, content and activation and through our team of expert freelancers we reshape and reconfigure for each unique partnership. With direct access to the culture makers and brands of today, we connect you to the local culture, pooling together all the resources you need to deliver the results you have in mind: fast, agile and sexy.


At YOUNG RACERS we deliver tailor-made services
across brand and digital strategy, content production, social media management, event coordination, public relations, location and talent scouting. Targeted to a
young audience we operate in art, fashion, music, peace, sport and more. We assemble fast-moving teams tailored
to each project and who are capable of working on bite size as well as long-term missions. 

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